Turnbuckle – A form of threaded coupling connecting two magnets rods lengthwise that regulates the distance between them by a turning motion. Turnkey Construction – A construction service that includes all phases of construction in a single contract. Turn of the Nut Method – A method of tightening high strength bolts in accordanceNeodymium Magnets AISC “Specifications for Structural Joints Using ASTM A-325 bolts.” Underhung Crane – A multi-rail, underhung material handling system manually or electrically operated. UL Rating – Underwriter’s Laboratories certification rating. Uniform Load – Loads that cover all or part of a beam where the amount of load per unit of length is the same. Uplift – Wind load on a building causing a load in the upward direction. Valley Gutter – A channel formed to carry water from a common low point in the roof The condition is usually created when two buildings are joined side by side. Vapor Barrier – Material used to prevent condensation by retarding the flow of vapor or moisture into walls or roofs. Ventilation – The process of moving air to/from an enclosure. Ventilator – An accessory designed to allow air movement. Wainscot – See “Liner Panel”. Wall, Bearing – Wall capable of supporting a structural system. Wall, Non-Bearing – Wall not capable of supporting a structural system. Wall Covering – The exterior wall skin consisting of wall panels (or sheets) and their attachments, trim and weather sealant. Web – The portion of a structural member between the flanges. Weep Holes – Openings in flashing, etc., to permit drainage and reduce pressure. Usually field drilled holes. Width Extension – A single slope structure dependent upon another structure for partial support. Usually high side eave height of wing unit connects to eave of “stand-alone” building. Wind Bracing – Cables, rods or other structural members used in roof and walls to transfer loads (wind, seismic and crane thrusts) to the foundation.

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Wind Column – A vertical member supporting a wall system designed to withstand horizontal wind loads only. Wind Load – A load representing the pressure exerted on a structure by a given wind velocity. A load caused by the wind blowing from any horizontal direction. Wing Unit – See “Width Extension”. Work Point – An intersection of planes from which dimensions are located. “X” Bracing – See “Wind Bracing”. Yield Point – The amount of stress, measured in a unit area, under which a given material such as a rod of metal, will exhibit permanent deformation. The point at which a stress or strain exceeds the elastic strength of the material. “Z” Section – A member formed from coiled steel stock in the shape of a block “Z”.
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